Welcome to Alluma Exchange

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A simple and seamless trading experience across mobile and desktop

About Us

Welcome To Alluma Exchange

A simple and seamless trading experience across mobile and desktop.

  • 40+ of world’s top digital currencies
  • Network of active liquidity providers
  • Easy to use interface on mobile and desktop
  • Advanced trading platform for pro traders
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Loyalty program fueled by the Alluma token
  • 2FA for sign-in and withdrawals
  • 24/7 automated monitoring
  • Multi-sig cold storage process

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Institutional Framework

Security Policies

We've develop a 6 layered security architecture and built our platform with a security-first approach, combining the best bank-grade security policies with the latest security methods in an effort to ensure our customer's assets are kept safe.

Best-in-class protection against distributed denial-of-service attacks

Two factor authorization(2FA) and multi-signature used for every critical action

Core exchange engine hidden in the private network to restrict access

Storing 96%99 of funds in cold storage to protect against hot wallet attacks

Biometrics used to access the server facilities

Multi-level hardware security (tire 3 sites, self-hosted, wholly-owned servers, audit servers)

Advanced Trading

For the more experienced users and corporate customers, we offer a best-in-class advanced trading platform.

  • Advanced order types
  • Open order book view with chart visualizations for technical analysis
  • API access allows users to build apps that connect directly to the exchange.

Marketing Strategy

Alluma's marketing strategy is anchored around our brand, the digital experience we provide, and passion for customer centricity to develop and employ a best-in-class approach to multi-channel acquisition, content, and social engagement.

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